We are an amazing group of women & we build life long friendships


Our aim is to have fun, learn and enjoy each others' company & Travel


Who We Are

AWA Vienna is the International Women's Club of Vienna, a community interested in making friends, being active and informed, and raising money for charity. Our members are both newcomers and long term residents of Vienna and represent a wide range of ages, backgrounds, and nationalities.

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What We offer

We have a comfortable clubhouse, with sofas which serves as a friendly, relaxed environment where we can share experiences in Vienna and participate in enriching activities and events led by members. Our organisers are all volunteers and we currently offer a huge range of activities!

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What we do

Everything & everywhere! We explore museums, restaurants, wine & cocktail bars and posh hotels. We learn languages, play games, advance our knowledge. We walk, we talk and we tour.

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