Meet Our Members: Tova Marr

My name is Tova Marr and I am a Canadian. I have lived in Vienna for over 16 years: the first
stint was for 4 years living with my parents here in the 90s.

I wasn’t a fan of the city then so that meant, of course, that I would end up meeting an Austrian a few years later and moving back in 2004 after our elopement in Niagara Falls in January, in Canada, with snow. Years later, I am now smitten with the city and I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

Meet Our Members: Tammie Perdue

Hi ladies, I'm Tammie! I am from the southern United States and was born in West Virginia. I met my husband, Darren, in high school. After dating for six years, we were married while attending Marshall University (famous for the Matthew McConaughey movie, 'We Are Marshall').  After graduation, we moved to Atlanta, Georgia. We will celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary next year! I have also lived abroad in Madrid, Spain, London, UK and currently, Vienna, Austria!  



Across the European alpine regions in summer, cattle and other farm animals feed on alpine pastures high up in the mountains to fatten up on the rich alpine grasses before the colder months.  When the cattle are herded back down to the valley at the end of summer, locals (and holidaymakers alike) celebrate the herd's safe homecoming by dressing the animals up in ornate headdresses, garlands of flowers and ribbons, and with bells attached to heavy leather collars.

Meet our Members: Erin Silangil

I first came to Vienna in the winter of 2010, to experience waltzing in one of its many balls, and in the process, met my Austrian husband, Tobias. We had a five year long distance relationship, which culminated in our marriage last September. During my many visits, I fell in love with Vienna (and Schnitzel!) and knew that I wanted to move here if I had the chance. I moved to Vienna at the end of January this year from San Francisco, California, where I was born and raised. I’m overwhelmed with the beauty of this place, the history, the art, the culture - even the guy on the S-bahn who whistles to get everyone on board is exciting to me!

Meet our Members: Rose Marie Gatscha

Every now and again, my Viennese born and bred husband asks me if I could ever have imagined that I’d be living in Vienna as a retiree. It’s at that very moment that I instantly recall my roots and unequivocally say, “No!” Notwithstanding the fact that Peter and I met in Vienna while I was on a business trip, we lived most of our 36 years of marriage in the Northeast, specifically New York City and Morristown, NJ, and never in Austria.

Restaurant Review: Disco Volante

Restaurant Review: Disco Volante

How best to describe the pizzeria Disco Volante? Well, this restaurant at the corner of Gumpendorfer Straße and Stumpergasse is a great place to have excellent Southern Italian-style flatbread pizza. And it's one of the few spots in Vienna where aficionados can enjoy the famous Wolfsbräu beer from the small village of Thernberg.