Tour Review: Ernst Fuchs Museum

By Kristina Musil

On 17th March, I was lucky enough to join other AWA members for a tour of the Ernst Fuchs Museum. The museum has been housed in the beautiful Otto Wagner Villa out in the Wienerwald in the 14th district since 1988, a place I had often driven past and wondered if the inside was as beautiful. 

The villa was built by the famous Art Nouveau architect Otto Wagner. Unfortunately, the building fell into disrepair after the Jewish owners fled during the war. It was plundered and then became property of the state.

The Viennese artist Ernst Fuchs seemed destined to become the saviour of this magnificent building when he purchased it in 1972 after he had walked past as a child and told his mother that if he had the money he would buy and restore it for her. Both Fuchs and his beloved mother lived in the villa over the years until his death last year.

The inside of the villa is simply amazing - from graceful windows, the bold furniture to the stunning paintings by Fuchs himself, which are a mixture of fantasy, religion and psychology. It has been lovingly restored and infused with Fuchs' tapestries, chandeliers and scupltures and there is certainly no corner of the place that is boring!

I would definitely recommend this museum to anyone interested in art. I can't believe I lived in Vienna for this long without seeing it.