Restaurant Review: Disco Volante

By Andreas Stauber & Eden Nguyen

How best to describe the pizzeria Disco Volante? Well, this restaurant at the corner of Gumpendorfer Straße and Stumpergasse is a great place to have excellent Southern Italian-style flatbread pizza. And it's one of the few spots in Vienna where aficionados can enjoy the famous Wolfsbräu beer from the small village of Thernberg.

The menu is limited but refined with only two starter choices, mixed salad or green olives. The pizza selection covers white pizza (without tomato sauce) and red pizza (with tomato sauce). The signature pizza that we almost always order is Salsiccia al Finochietto, a red sauce pizza with homemade pepperoni with fennel seeds. Upgrading the topping with the juicy and creamy buffalo mozzarella is highly recommended. Another interesting choice is the pizza Egidio with smoked ham from the famous butcher Fleischerei Ringl. 

In addition, you should ask for the daily pizza special, often with seasonal ingredients that might be an interesting choice complementing the standard menu. This is the same with the dessert menu, which is not indicated in the main menu. The dessert options are few and basic but surprisingly delicious and flavorful. A must is the Crème caramel. 

Disco Volante has a very basic design – critics might argue it recreates the charm of a factory canteen and includes the fitting noise level. If meeting friends for lunch or dinner this should not be a major problem, for your romantic candle light dinner you might have to look elsewhere or wait for summer when tables in front of the restaurant can be reserved. Something to keep in mind, Disco Volante is a non-smoking restaurant but the summer outdoor tables are often packed with smokers.

The giant mirror covered disco-ball brick-oven, the flying saucer, and the Alfa Romeo disco-ball from the 1950s, both give rise to the name Disco Volante.

Gumpendorfer Straße 98, 1060
el. 0664 195 25 45 /
Open 7 Days A Week / Cash Only