Meet Our Members: Ida Vickers

I have lived in Vienna for 4 years but only recently joined the AWA - it's an amazing diverse group of lovely ladies that I can only encourage everyone to join! I am very happy and grateful to be part of this. I was born and raised in Munich, Germany; my very British surname is thanks to my lovely husband Colin, whom I married in August 2016. We live in the seventh district and love it: it's central yet quiet, with all the great spots right around the corner. In Munich, I studied Sinology and Linguistics and received my Master's degree in 2012. At first, I found it difficult to get a job in Vienna, as I knew nobody apart from Colin, and my education is maybe also a little exotic - but I succeeded in becoming a German teacher specifically for Chinese customers (Fun fact: There are actually two institutes in Vienna that cater to the Chinese community).

I loved teaching and the feedback I got from the students. I don't think I would ever be happy with an office job, it's just so much more fun when you are in a dynamic and ever-changing environment like a classroom. Also I seem to be quite popular with my students, and I just love helping people. Regardless of its benefits, last year I decided to end my teaching career to fully concentrate on another one of my passions: Photography! It seems like a rough transition at first, but I have been photographing people in my studio as a hobby for several years now.

I just love getting a woman in front of my camera who is a little self-conscious about her age, her weight, her nose... (we all have something we can't stand about our bodies, right?!), make her feel beautiful for a few hours and take the best portraits she's ever seen of herself, because really, we all need great images of ourselves for our businesses, our partners, and as a keepsake for generations to come. That is truly what makes my heart sing and what I can see myself doing until I am too old to hold a camera! I am looking forward to meeting all of you soon. Thank you for welcoming me!