Meet Our Members: Teddy Weyr


Teddy Weyr

Vienna. This city on the Danube is a part of my soul. My roots run deep here. This is where I was born, though I grew up shuttling two hours by train along the Hudson River between my father’s home in New York City and my mother’s in Hyde Park, NY, FDR’s hometown.

I spent my junior year abroad in Vienna and returned here 10 days after graduating from Skidmore College with a BA in German and English. I started out teaching English and doing translations (I also took courses at Webster University here) before following in the journalistic footsteps of my father and his father before him. I was blessed with wonderful mentors who helped me get started freelancing, which led to a job at The Associated Press. I worked for the AP here for 10 years, also covering Eastern Europe and the Balkans during the fall of the Wall and the wars in former Yugoslavia.

I was a member of the AWA then and recently rejoined after returning to Vienna 20 years after I left to continue my journalistic career in Baltimore (with the AP), Washington (Voice of America) and, most recently, Germany (with Stars and Stripes). In 2007, I completed a Masters in Publications Design at the University of Baltimore. 

Late last year, I made the difficult decision to take a risk on making a fresh start. I quit my job and returned in February to the city I love with a passion. My desire to share that with others led me to the course to prepare for the rigorous exam required to be certified as a Vienna tour guide. The three-semester course began in September. In the Spring, I took a diploma course in Event Management, also at the career development school here, BFI.

I said my roots run deep. My grandfather, Siegfried Weyr, wrote extensively about the city, its history, its legends, historical figures from all walks of life, famous and not. He, too, loved Vienna and returned immediately after the war. He, my father and grandmother spent the war years in London and the United States, finally settling in New York City. My father, Thomas Weyr, also has written about Vienna, how it suffered under Hitler and his memories of his childhood and his return as an adult after the war. My grandfather’s uncle, Rudolf von Weyr, was a sculptor whose works, including the lions in Nussdorf, are scattered about this city. 

My husband of 17 years, Mike, (also a former journalist, now retired) has supported me through every transition and allowed me to follow my own path. We have no children, but two cats.

In between studying Vienna’s history, art and legends, I want to do some freelance editing, writing and translating, and to put my new event management skills to the test. 

AWA was a welcome source of support through my previous years in Vienna, and I am glad to be back in its fold, looking forward to getting involved, networking and making new friends