AWA is the International Women's Club of Vienna from over 40 countries and with over 300 English speaking members.  

We love meeting new members, and we welcome you to join us!

If you are new to Vienna, just let us know or come to Weekly Coffee at Cafe Sluka every Wednesday between 10am and 12pm. You are welcome to attend a couple of AWA events before you decide whether to join.

We offer an exciting array of trips, tours, events and activities. Members receive a Weekly News by email and a printed monthly magazine Highlights”. Both give details of 37 different events and activities; some weekly and others monthly. Members can sign up via a link to events in the Weekly News.

The AWA publication, Living in Vienna, is an invaluable asset for new arrivals to Vienna, dealing with pets to rail tickets and contains useful translations. It can be ordered from Amazon.com or Amazon.de or purchased directly from the AWA Office, at a much lower price.


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